An easier solution for integrating WebView to your next Unity 3D mobile games

  • Show web pages and interact with your games
  • Built with native code for latest mobile systems
  • Compatibility with modern Unity 3D
  • Easy API, easy to use, easy to extend

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Show web pages and interact with your games

Basic or advance, release the potential power of web content

Show webpage, control flow of your game, or even use it to implement your UI with UniWebView. Use the latest technology you want, let UniWebView do the left.

Built with native code for latest mobile systems

Work well on iOS and Android

We worked hard to bring the native web view of mobile system to UniWebView. Thanks to the effort, you can expect a stable and efficient web view in your games.

Compatibility with modern Unity 3D

Develop and integrate web view in Unity 3D. Good editor support on Unity Mac

UniWebView is well tested and supports from Unity 4.2.2 to the latest version of Unity. You can get all update free until a new major version (Maybe for Unity 5).

Easy API, easy to use, easy to extend

We make things simpler and better.

UniWebView supplies a set of simple and elegant API to use. You can also get the source of UniWebView and permitted to customize it for your own demand.

Getting Started

UniWebView is very easy to be integrated to your project. It just take you two steps to make it working.

Download & Import

Download and import the .unitypackage file into your project (If you already have your own AndroidManifest.xml in the project, backup it and uncheck the tick before this file when importing, then follow the merge instruction in manual to merge the file correctly. If you are updating this plugin from an earlier version, you should check the change log to decide if you need reimport or merge the manifest file again.). After importing, please restart Unity to load the Editor plugin.

Use prefab & Set url

Drag and drop the UniWebViewObject prefab from UniWebView/Prefab folder to your game scene. Change the Url in the Inspector to a url you what to load (or you can just play without changing anything, Unity3D's homepage will be get loaded) and Play your scene, your page should show automatically after loading and you can see the webpage if you are using Unity's Mac Editor. For Windows user, you can build your game to your device to see it.

Need to Know More


The way UniWebView works

The Prefab supplies a simple way to start using UniWebView. You can play with it in Unity Mac Editor, iOS devices or Android. The Insets could control the size of web view. Load On Start and Auto Show When Load Complete do exactly what they say. When you are ready, let's dig into it and see what more it can do.

Besides the basic usage of showing web page, UniWebView has some other great features, such as communicating with Unity scene, listen to web page event, and evaluate some javascript. Please refer to the online manual and script reference for detail.

Manual Reference FAQs